20-22 oct. 2015 Villa Méditerranée, Marseille (France)

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See The Mediterranean through the eyes of science!


MediterraneanScopy is photos contest on Science in the Mediterranean region open to scientists participating to the 2015 MISTRALS International Conference organized in Marseille (France). The photos will be displayed in a dedicated exhibition in the Villa Méditerrannée in Marseille from the 20th to the 22nd and prize award ceremony will be held during the cocktail on the 21ST evening.


Since 2010, hundreds of scientists involved in the MISTRALS program have furrowed the entire Mediterranean in search of the pieces of information they needed to help them draw what is the Mediterranean environment today, what it was in the past and what it will become under the driving forces such as Global Change and anthropogenic pressures.


From the North to the South rim, and from Gibraltar to the Near-East they have taken pictures of what to testimony of what their exerted eyes had seen.


The contest runs before the conference, and opens for submissions from first of July to mid-October. Those of you who want to participate can enter into the competition by uploading it to http://mistrals2015.sciencesconf.org/user/submissions and choosing the MediterraneanScopy photos contest session.




Photos should be in jpeg, png, tiff or gif format. For 4:3 pictures, the resolution should be 1500 x 1125 pixels, minimum. Pictures in the format 3:2 should be a minimum of 1800 x 1200 pixels.


Procedure and judging criteria


After the submission page is closed, participants to the MISTRALS International Conference will have the possibility to vote for the 3 photos they like most.  Following criterions may be used:


  • The overall aesthetics of the image;
  • The uniqueness of the storytelling content of the image, especially with respect to the geoscientific information content;
  • The technical quality of the image (with respect to exposure, noise, grain, foreground/background sharpness, dynamic range, no skewed horizon, no burnt highlights, and others);
  • The composition of the image (including horizon positioning, golden cuts, no cut image content, leading lines);
  • The quality of the metadata associated with the image, including an informative description and appropriate title.


Pictures will be exhibited during the MISTRALS International Conference. Each participant of the Assembly can then vote for up to three of their favorite exhibited photos. The public voting takes place from 8 am on Monday to 6pm on Tuesday. The votes are counted and the three photographs with the highest number of votes are the winners. The winning photos are awarded during the cocktail on Tuesday 21.




The three first winners of the photo competition will get sets of nice books (sciences and photos books).  The 10 next will get a set of MISTRALS goodies (bag, mug, T-shirts and pen).




If you submit your images to the MISTRALS Photo Contest, you agree to include them in the MISTRALS open access image repository and agree for it to be exhibited publicly at the MISTRALS International Conference.


By submitting their picture to the MISTRALS Photos Contest, all photographers agree that these can be used for free by scientists for their presentations or publications, by educators and the general public.


All the material in this database is copyrighted under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence, which means that the pictures remain the property of the individual creators and that they must always be credited in a clear and readable way when their content is used.




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